Glamorous Yet Subtle

The Understated Chick

Great for beginner beauty enthusiasts and experienced makeup artists who love the ‘no-makeup makeup look’. What you would need for this understated chic look: a soft rouge cheek blush, a bright under-eye concealer and a matte liquid lipstick on the eye lids and dab with your fingertips to blend out the edges.

The 90s Look

A-la 90s

Remember Alicia Silverstone's rosy pink eyelids in ‘Clueless’ back in 1995? You too can rock the unique combo between grunge, pastels, sweet and sexy. For this look: Apply a graphic liquid eyeliner and a bubblegum gloss on the lips. Apply a semi-permanent color dye to enhance the strength and softness to the hair.

Regal Shimmer

Rose Gold

Rose gold applied in the hair, eye makeup and nails adds shine. For hair: Apply rose gold hair pigment after shampooing (the color stays for a few weeks). For nails: apply a nail polish with rose gold glitter particles. For lips: a strong ombre lip – burgundy on the outer corner, and soft pink in the inner parts.