Themed Pictorial Challenge

A Visual Story-Telling Opportunity Created For Photographers.

The Themed Pictorial Challenge (TPC) is a visual story-telling opportunity created to display the imaginative works  of photographers who can best create a conceptualized themed editorial. 

The Themed Pictorial Challenge recognizes and celebrates creative excellence in the fashion photography sector. First launched in 2011, the TPC seeks to celebrate the talent of those whose work continues to ignite the fashion industry. 

The winning submission is featured on the cover of the 2020 print issue of Linger Magazine with a feature editorial.

How To Participate:

  1. Choose the theme you wish to create;
  2. Pay registration fee;
  3. Receive Participation Packet with full details and submission requirements;
  4. Build your team, plan your shoot and get creative;
  5. Submit completed Participation Packet and images by the deadline.

Cash Prizes:

The submission with the best overall theme concept will be awarded a $500 cash prize. 

*BONUS! Our editors are excited to award selected individual creatives with cash prizes for achieving the most innovative concept in these areas:

  • Best makeup
  • Best hair
  • Best fashion look
  • Best use of prop/location

Theme Options

Pay your registration fee to receive an email link to your submission form.

Previous Winners



2013: Dawn Temple (photography).



2012:  Alan Medvinsky (photography), Sarah Casto (model), Sarah Karten (designer), Emily Ann Oliveira (hair), Brandon Hyatt (makeup), Victoria Vegas (stylist).


"The Beautiful Unknown"

2011: Tiffany Ann Marchese (photography), Christy Lavalee (makeup), Nancy V. Brown (hair), Julie Kontos (designer), Stefani Artemik (model).


Cash Prize


  • Main Prize: Cash prize is awarded  to the photographer of the winning submission (the photographer is free to share winnings among the team, as Linger Magazine assumes no responsibility in the sharing of such winnings.
  • Individual Creatives: A winner can be chosen from the winning submission or another submission.

How winners are selected

The winning selection is chosen by editors of Linger Magazine, as well as a judging panel of selected industry professionals.