National Lipstick Day

Pamper Your Pout In Celebration of National Lipstick Day!

This day encourages you to wear your best color on your lips. What better excuse to shop for lipstick during the hottest time of the year! Even if you have a signature lip color, feel free to explore some of the hottest colors of the summer. Our partners are offering our readers tons of deals on their best lip products for every lipstick personality. These deals are sealed with a kiss!

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100% Pure Beauty


Bare Minerals

BH Cosmetics

Makeup Artist Tip

AJ Crimson, celebrity makeup artist

Best Colors For Summer: "Pretty petal pink to unexpected rich berry tones and 50 shades of nudes.  My favorite AJCRIMSON Beauty lipsticks for summer are crimson roseno shade and bondage. These selective colors are a bright color that will reign supreme this summer, for all skin tones. For any everyday women, bridal season or concert summer nights." 


Lipstick Hack

Want a useful way to utilize an empty lipstick tube?

After using all the lipstick in the tube, why not convert it into a storage container instead of throwing away your empty lipstick tube! Perfect for bobby pins, cotton swabs, safety pins, aspirins/vitamins, eye shadow brushes, breath mints and more! Here are these tips to clean

Items Needed – Old lipstick tune, toothpicks, chopstick or small dowel, paper towels, cotton swabs and alcohol.

  1. Twist tube all the way out until the small 1/4" of the barrel is exposed (be sure to use all of your lipstick with a lip brush until it is completely empty).
  2. Use the chopstick and paper towel soaked in alcohol to clean the inner barrel of the tube. Then use the cotton swab soaked in alcohol, and finally the toothpick and paper towel soaked in alcohol to clean the remainder of the product our of the barrel.
  3. Fill clean tube with your preferred item and go!