New Year to a New You

Revive and Brighten Tired Skin

Hello New Year! With the grey, dark months coming to pass, the time of idleness is beginning to unwind. Whereas everyone loved spending the winter days at their cozy homes with some hot punch and pastries, now the upcoming sunbeams are tempting us to go outside again. But what if someone seems to have sewed some of last year’s summer clothes tighter? Besides, it is not only the clothes that we get more than one bargained for; our complexion, too, needs a refresher! We have some tips to offer on how to get the nourished, smooth skin and the sexy silhouette back.

Peach, please!
Oranges are an indispensable part of the entire cold weather season. When it comes to our skin, however, we rather want it to be soft and even as a peach. To make the skin spring-ready, a relaxing salt bath is ideal to get the beauty routine started: It revitalizes and calms the skin and helps reducing wateriness by encouraging the skin’s metabolism. After taking a bath, anti-cellulite creams, lifting body lotions and firming gels can be applied to take full effect. Massaging the skin with special brushes additionally promotes the effect, encouraging blood circulation, helping wick away excess tissue water and reduce fat tissue.

Pure and glowing skin
Without a thorough cleansing routine, the agents in skin care products cannot properly absorb into the skin; hence, they stay on the skin’s surface, together with makeup residues, dirt particles and dander that leads to clogged pores. To prevent that from happening, it’s important to make sure that a proper cleansing is given so that the active ingredients can regenerate the skin overnight. The skin should not be reddened or feel tight. For the morning routine, it is sufficient to cleanse the face with a cotton pad that is soaked with some facial tonic. Harsh weather conditions and dry heater air make it hard for our skin to maintain its moisture level during the winter. To keep the skin glowing, make sure to have moisturizing facial care and a nourishing body lotion or butter at home.

Peel away the winter gray!
As excess dander makes the skin look old and the cold wind of the past months has stressed the skin, too, our new motto for spring reads: “Peel away the winter gray!” Peelings for the face and body can easily rub off the dead skin. The best time for a peeling is after taking a shower or a bath since the skin is still soft. The product can be applied in a circular movement and afterwards removed with lukewarm water. Modern electrical cleansing brushes combine multiple cleansing steps: They massage, remove dander and promote skin regeneration.

Last but not least: Don’t forget the feet! In order to get the happy feet back, excess callus can be removed gently with a foot file. Pamper the feet with some moisturizing foot care, making skin smooth and soft again.

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