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Celebrity Hairstylist launches brand new image consultancy service for men

Carmelo Guastella announces the launch of his new image consultancy service aimed squarely at the busy professional, businessman, groom, or celebrity who is interested in improving his grooming.

“My belief is that a leader’s appearance should convey his position and role,” Carmelo explains simply.

Since moving to London in 1999, Carmelo has consulted more than 30 men which have had hair transplants transforming their looks. To achieve an individual’s best potential, the Sicilian-born Carmelo is tapping into a network of the some of the best personal stylists, mindfulness experts, personal trainers, and aesthetic experts. The marquee offering of the new consultancy service is a personalized 12-month Image Program that is delivered at exclusive London locations.

“This long-term perspective is unique,” Carmelo says, “It is so important because hair and aesthetics are not static features. I believe one must think beyond the moment of this haircut or this facial and consider where and how that haircut or skin treatment can evolve. The program shapes and guides this evolution on a deeply personal level – to positively change how a man feels about himself, his confidence level, how others feel about him.”

The first consultation is very special. Carmelo has designed it to feel like a cross between a religious experience and a consultation with a psychologist. A lot of issues beyond a haircut are covered – from thinning hair and frown lines to skin-reconditioning and teeth whitening. “The Image Program covers every aspect of a man’s appearance. It’s important that the client feels understood at a really deep level, and in a way that no one else can. It goes without saying that all details are kept strictly confidential by myself and by the aesthetic specialists that I collaborate with.”

“The client is looking for a lasting improvement. That’s why the program needs to be a year,” he continues. “Significant change to a person’s style and grooming does not happen with one session. For instance, a hair style, as opposed to a haircut, cannot happen in one session. Instead, it evolves over at least a year during which different styles may be tried. The same will apply to all the other aesthetic elements of the program like skin- and hair-care.”

The goal of the 12-month Image Program is to help men discover an overall aesthetic image that suits them and, at the same time, enhances their professional and social standing. It’s not just about making someone look younger through a fuller head of hair or great looking skin, but about crafting the right message that is subtly powerful. “Something has changed about this person, but we can’t quite work out what it is, but whatever it is, we really like it,” is how Carmelo describes the result of the program.

The core services are:

  • Carmelo’s much sought-after haircutting expertise, beard design, subtle grey coverage and shaving advice.
  • Exclusive collaborations between Carmelo and London’s leading aesthetic experts that deliver a range of aesthetic treatments including hair transplants, teeth whitening, fillers, Botox, eye-brow shaping and specialized skin care.

Carmelo also offers his services directly to companies with personalized ‘One to One Image Consultancy’. Also collaboration with leading aesthetics experts, personal stylists, etc. can be arranged. Fees vary depending on the bespoke plan that suits the company. For more information, please go to

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