James Carletons

Leaving your mark in the world is a dream shared by many. Living your dream is a journey that is reached only by a creative few.

This is a notion truly realized by the James Carleton brand. Skilled craftsmanship is upheld to the finest caliber and is notable in this Italian collection of luxury shoes. Strong construction ensures maximum comfort in detailed leather with a custom fit. The vision of the brand is developed through its view of fashion as a cultural entity and its goal to reach the stylish feet of women across the globe. James Carleton understands that although trends change, a dedication for custom design is not a fad.

Here’s to a brand with a conceptual passion that will never expire.


James Carletons will be showcasing at: http://nolchashows.com. Find out more about James Carletons at www.jamescarletons.com.

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