Beauty Throughout the Ages

Makeup and hair artist Mayela Vazquez shares her favorite trends of the past that continue to inspire the future

For me, the most interesting and entertaining trends are the ones influenced by past eras. In the fashion and beauty industry, knowing about the history and culture that these eras left is key to create looks that flatter and inspire others in the future. Who considers himself an artist should know that a great deal of our inspiration are trends left behind by our ancestors. These are some tips to get the looks:

  • For a 1920s look: Check our Louise Brooks, Ciara Bow and Marion Davies; they were some of the most iconic girls of that time and were the pioneers of the famous bobbed hair with finger waves. With today’s conveniences, you don’t have to have short hair to wear a nice finger wave look. Now you can achieve this look using hot curling irons. To complete this look, choose a dark lipstick.
  • For a 1950s look: Go for a more pale and pastel hue; use delicate foundations using powders to set everything. Use pinks and reds for lipstick. Little eye shadow, concentrate on your lashes with a great mascara.
  • For a 1960s look: Add some drama to your eyes and go for a paler lip color. Get inspired with personalities like Twiggy and Edie Sedwick, who are known for sporting this look.
  • For a 1970s look: Have fun with your hair by doing some braids or go for a sleek hairstyle. As for the makeup, try to keep it very simple, neutral colors and fresh skin. The trend was to draw more attention to the dramatic eyes, so they choose lip gloss or frosted lipstick in very muted shades of pink, peach or even nude.
  • For a 1980s – 1990s look: Go for big sexy hair. Get inspired and put some hot rollers on. Use some colorful eye shadows and get ready to rumble.
Remember, the important thing is to get inspired and to give a twist of what is trendy now and what inspires you. – Mayela Vazque
Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Mayela graduated with a degree in Fashion Design. While still in school, she studied abroad twice; she took beauty courses at the Make-Up Designory School in New York City, and the prestigious Marangoni Institute in London, UK. After graduating, she moved to New York City where she is based now, to study Cosmetology and get her license from the Carsten Institute.Working throughout the years, she gained experience in several fields, the most important being fashion photography, editorial, advertisement, HD TV & films, runway and special occasions. In Mexico, she has been a part of well-known teams while developing fashion events, runway shows, working as a make-up and hair artist with designers like Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, among others. Involved as well working closely with fashion photographers doing advertisement for brands, fashion editorials and beauty portraits for national magazines. She has worked directly with the international press where she has had the opportunity to share her personal experiences as a beauty maven. Her experience being highly noted in the fashion industry has honed her skills to an elite level, taking her work to an international status.

“I am constantly looking for new and exciting challenges in my life. I work with a great array of products, brands and people, because I like to experience new things, and personally love to learn from the most creative minds. This helps me create new looks. My work, to me, is the art of creating texture, positive changes and possibilities every single day of my life, and never finish learning.”

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