Art Nouveau Issue: July 2015

Art has always been layered throughout the scope of fashion. Each vision is an art piece that can transcend into a sense of style. Art takes away the mediocrity of trends and moves the spirit of those who appreciate creative talent. It is always important that art evokes emotion in its viewer and no one knows this better than fashion designers.

Creating unique is a process that takes talent and initiative to be bold. This issue is dedicated to such an artsy frame of mind. Art has shaped my entire life and has always been the most important element in my desire to launch Linger Magazine. Having always thought outside the box, I was determined for each cover of Linger to be viewed as a masterpiece. Almost all of the partnerships that I have obtained was always credited to our unique view of fashion.

Supporting the art community is very important to me and I feel that there could never be a fashion sense without an artistic eye. The interpretation of a vision of an artist is as equally magical as the creative edge of a designer. This issue is dedicated to those who are always seeking the platform to share their God-given talent to the world. I salute you.

Peace & Blessings,

Tiffany Tate
Editor-in-chief of Linger Magazine

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