The art of living is heightened with the merging of a truly artistic component. The art of giving is solidified with the connection of supporting the creativity of talented women weavers.

    Stylish travels across the globe opens the fashion scope for those who do not believe or follow trends. Seasons may change, but true talent never goes out of style. What sets EL VOYAGE apart from brands that create products for celebrity support is the fact that each product is passionately made by a true artisan with deep roots in the culture of authenticity. EL VOYAGE understands that everyday luxuries can empower one to be inspired by the truly vivid colors and textures of other cultures.

    Guatemalan coffee is one such luxury, rich with distinct flavors joined with accessories such as a french press, gorgeous gifts sets and distinguished membership subscriptions. Also available are uniquely-weaved scarves by weavers who are passionate about their talent, resulting in scarves that are rich in texture and bold in color hues that truly reflect the Guatemalan scenic views in each thread. The brand celebrates the connection of Mayan women and their economic success. Each product tells a story.

    Welcome to a fashionable and conscious journey.

    EL VOYAGE will be showcasing at: http://nolchashows.com. Find out more about EL VOYAGE at www.elvoyage.com.

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    A handbag is an enamored accessory item. For those who truly understand the style connection, the right handbag conveys elegance, style and class. With intricate craftsmanship and artistic styling, a handbag can take your look of the day to a trendsetting style. This notion is evident at DELA EVA.

    There are several components that makes the DELA EVA experience unique. The production of each style is limited due to the exclusivity of materials used in production. The finest materials are sourced from quality suppliers in Germany, Italy, France, UK and Austria. Crafted in England, each and every DELA EVA product is created with devoted focus and detailed attention during the entire design process.  The craftsmanship is of the highest caliber that ensures euphoria.

    The illustrious vision behind DELA EVA was born from the desire of fashion accessory designer, Ninja Evangelista, to learn fashion through the beauty of life experience and world travels. Five continents and 42 countries later, DELA EVA  is the fashionable result. The artistic aesthetic of the entire brand is evident and credited to the different lifestyles, cultures and new people that Ninja was introduced to on her travels, inspiring her artistic vision for DELA EVA.

    Welcome to the DELA EVA luxuriously dramatic experience.

    DELA EVA will be showcasing at: http://nolchashows.com. Find out more about DELA EVA at www.delaeva.com.

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  • 7 Days to A New You

    We all want to look feel better, look better, and reach the health and fitness goals that we set for ourselves, don’t we?

    I have a special gift for you! Since you are in my inner circle, I created a 7 day inspirational daily email series to help you achieve your health goals. This might sound like quite the challenge considering you’re probably trying to juggle a full schedule, or you spend most of your time caring for your family. I totally get it! During the next 7 days, you’ll receive easy-to-implement strategies to help you look better, feel better and help you reach your health and fitness goals.
    I have also loaded this content with amazing bonuses:

    • Videos
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    • Easy to Follow Guide

    Take the first step towards achieving your goals and click here to get the emails directly to your inbox everyday! Make sure to let me know how you like the series as well. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. 


    Tara XO

  • Nolcha Shows SS2017


    The Nolcha Shows are thrilled to announce independent luxury publication, Linger Magazine, as an Official Media Partner for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Media Lounge taking place this September.

    Continuing into its eighth consecutive year, and held during New York Fashion Week, Nolcha is one of the city’s leading platforms for global independent fashion designers with returning sponsors NeoGrid for Fashion and Citibank joining this season.

    Linger Magazine, founded by Tiffany Tate, is a luxury publication built for aficionados with a fondness for fashion, beauty and the arts. Over the past six years, Linger Magazine has established itself as a resource for illuminous beauty discovery, divulging content and intriguing editorials.

    Founder Tiffany Tate shares; “Each season, I revolve our NYFW coverage schedule around the dates of the Nolcha Shows. Now, to be an Official Media Partner of the Nolcha Show Fashion Media Lounge, it is truly an honor and I look forward to working with one of the few true platforms available for designers who are ready for the next level.”

    The Nolcha Shows welcome media, bloggers and industry to connect with independent accessory designers from around the globe; previewing the latest cutting edge and innovative collections. Designers showcasing this season include returning brands Michelle Pajak-Reynolds, El Voyage and Taylord Blu accompanied by debuting London based designers Oysby and DELA EVA and New York based designers Marshelly’s and Riley Versa.

    “We are thrilled to collaborate with Linger Magazine who has long supported our work and the designers that we curate,” shares Kerry Bannigan, Co-Founder, Nolcha Shows. “We love the energy and spirit of Tiffany who understands the importance of providing a platform to encourage the growth of independent fashion designers.”

    For more information about Linger Magazine visit: www.lingermagazine.com

    PHOTO CREDIT: Planet Zero Motorsports

    PHOTO CREDIT: Planet Zero Motorsports


    The Nolcha Shows, co-founded by Kerry Bannigan and Arthur Mandel, are a leading award-winning event held during New York Fashion Week. Over the past eight years the Nolcha Shows have become established as a platform for discovery; promoting cutting edge innovative fashion designers. The Nolcha Shows have built an acclaimed reputation as a hot incubator of fashion design talent and are officially listed by the New York City Economic Development Corporation; offering a range of cost effective options to increase designers recognition and develop their businesses. The successful showcase consistently receives positive media coverage including features in ADWEEK, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, INC, US WEEKLY, Lucky, NBC, MTV and Forbes; and has been supported by brands including Citibank, Coca-Cola, Rusk, Otterbox, Vitamin Water, American Airlines, Don Q Rums and Landrover.

    www.nolchashows.com | facebook.com/nolcha | @nolchashows #nolcha #nolchashows #LingerMagazine

  • Kneipp US Launch

    Why Kneipp Is More Relevant Than Ever

    Kneipp has been helping people live healthier and fuller lives for 125 years. A visionary company, its philosophy is just what the modern age needs.

    It was 125 years ago that Sebastian Kneipp placed his legacy in the hands of his long-time friend, Würzburg-based pharmacist Leonhard Oberhӓußer. His charge: bring nature’s healing wisdom to people everywhere. Today, Kneipp continues to adapt and evolve while staying true to the holistic philosophy of its founder.

    “We are very excited to bring our Kneipp products and outstanding philosophy to the US in the year of our 125th anniversary,” says Christoph Hirschmann, CEO of Kneipp Group Germany. “This October, we will be opening eight shops in select high-end shopping malls on the east coast. Our presence will not only give customers more access to our existing offer and soon-to-be launching products, but further insight into the pillars that are the heart of what makes our brand so unique and so effective.”

    The bath and body care pioneer is centered around Five Pillars:

    Water: the simplest remedy. From the hot bath to a cold plunge, immersion in water stimulates circulation, increasing metabolism and promotes detoxification of the body. After all, we are mostly water, so it’s hardly surprising water is its own miracle.

    Plants: Nature’s medicine cabinet. For thousands of years, plants have been used for their medicinal properties. Now, scientists are looking back at nature’s wonder healers. Kneipp incorporates dozens of scientifically-proven plants into its products. Tradition + proof.

    Exercise: Keep it running smoothly. Every moment there’s a new fitness craze. And while active is good, overactive is just as bad as napping through life. Keep it gentle, keep it fun and when you’re done, immerse yourself in a Kneipp bath to rejuvenate and heal.

    Nutrition: a lesson in moderation. South Beach, the Charcoal Cleanse? Kneipp advises skipping the fads and embracing healthy eating. Take a simple a nourishing approach. Instead of slogging through a week of torture, it’s all about diet that works long-term.

    Which leaves the fifth pillar, which is really what Kneipp is all about: balance. The world has become increasingly fast-paced, and that not a bad thing. But, it’s all about finding a complement to this. Everyone has the “thing” that works for them, that makes them feel connected and present. And each of Kneipp’s products has a unique story that fits people’s daily lives.

    It’s a new world we live in, but in many ways it’s an old one. A brand with heritage and vision? Sounds like the perfect fit. For more info, go to www.kneipp.com.

    About Kneipp

    Kneipp is a naturopathic brand founded in 1891 by Sebastian Kneipp, a German naturopath and priest, based on nature and scientifically founded teachings. Manufactured in Germany, Kneipp is one of the leading providers of effective body care and bathing products, offering consumers uniquely effective, innovative and natural concepts for health and well-being. Kneipp is an all-natural brand with no preservatives, no paraffin, silicone or mineral oils, and no animal testing.

    Opening October 2016:

    Burlington Mall, Burlington, Massachusetts – BE SURE TO COME OUT AND CELEBRATE WITH LINGER MAGAZINE – STAY TUNED!

    King of Prussia Mall, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

    Menlo Park Mall, Edison, New Jersey

    Roosevelt Fields Mall, Garden City, New York

    Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove, New York

    The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, Arlington, Virginia

    Westfield Garden State Plaza, Paramus, New Jersey

    Westfield Montgomery, Bethesda, Maryland