• Dr.’s REMEDY Nail & Skin

    Mind Your Nail Health

    New Vitamin for healthy nails and new nail color: Mindful Mulberry

    Whether they’re worn down by winter cold or battered from gel manicures, it’s time to think seriously about the health of your nails. Whatever your nail woes, make nails rejuvenation a priority with two effective new doctor formulated products from Dr.’s REMEDY – A new podiatrist formulated vitamin & juicy new nail color.

    Think of the awakening and blossoming that comes with warmer temperatures. This renewed juicy berry shade is stylishly tart and playful yet sweet and classic. A perfect feminine neutral, Mindful Mulberry is formulated with the Dr.’s REMEDY unique nail nourishing ingredients: Tea tree oil, garlic extract, lavender, vitamins and wheat protein.

    Dr.’s REMEDY NAILS & SKIN VITAMIN formulated by podiatrists, this new vitamin optimizes nail health from within. Enriched with the known beauty powerhouse, Biotin, this new supplement offers nutritional support and boosts the health of nails, skin and hair.


    The perfect blend of nutrients supports normal cell growth, repairs damaged cells, and helps create new tissue. Think stronger, healthier nails!

    “We created Dr.’s REMEDY with the health of nails first and foremost,” said Dr. Cirlincione. “Nail health can be influenced very effectively via supplements. This vitamin is a natural complement to our vitamin enriched nail care line.”

    Dr.’s Remedy is currently dispensed at nearly 2,000 doctor’s offices nationwide, as well as numerous highly respected destination spas across the country.

    Dr.’s REMEDY nail care is the #1 podiatrist recommended brand.

    For more info, go to www.remedynails.com/Shop.aspx

  • Beauty Bar Series

    Wendy E. Roberts, M.D.

    Dermatologist and Dermatopathologist; President, Women’s Dermatologic Society

    As a board-certified Dermatologist and a board-certified Dermatopathologist, Dr. Wendy E. Roberts specializes in Cosmetic Dermatology, Ethnic Skin of Color, Geriatric Dermatology and Generational Dermatology. Dr. Roberts and “The Roberts Skin Type Classification System©” inspired her recent appearance on The Today Show and a nationally televised, first of it’s kind, ‘skin health’ program, entitled “America’s Ethnic Skin” addressing the special concerns, challenges and issues affecting an increasingly diverse America.

    Dr. Roberts is the Founding Director of Dermatopathology of Loma Linda Division of Dermatology. Dr. Roberts has tackled and triumphed over a comprehensive range of skin problems, diseases and conditions using innovative methods that have earned her national recognition. Dr. Roberts is a forerunner in her medical specialty. Her pioneering research includes developing a Dual therapy regimen for the treatment of Melasma and other disorders of facial hyperpigmentation. Dr. Roberts has also developed a Skin Type Classification which is published in the May, 2008 Journal of Drugs in Dermatology “The Roberts Skin Type Classification System ©” which is groundbreaking in its approach to identifying and communicating medical details regarding all skin color types.

    In 2004, Dr. Roberts founded a national outreach skin cancer screening program called “Play Safe in the Sun” which travels to LPGA tournaments and provides free Sun Safety education and skin cancer screenings.

    Dr. Roberts is currently President of the Women’s Dermatologic Society (WDS). She is a Past-President of the State of California Dermatologic Society (Calderm). As a member of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), Dr. Roberts has served on numerous committees including the 2008 American Academy of Dermatology Nominating Committee, Organizational Structure Health Care Delivery Committee and Melanoma and Skin cancer screening. She was also appointed to the Stanford University Medical Alumnae Board Governors to which she currently serves.

    Dr. Roberts is frequently quoted in the national media including New Beauty, Self, Allure, Essence, Prevention, Readers Digest, O – The Oprah Magazine, CNN radio, XM radio, CBS, NBC television, and the Los Angeles Times. She is also the author of numerous published articles and textbook chapters.

    Find out more about Dr. Roberts at www.wendyrobertsmd.com


  • Nautica


    Men’s Spring 2016 SWIM Collection

    The 2016 Men’s SWIM Collection is inspired by the sea, designed by the city. Modern architectural icons of the New York skyline become nautical design details. Paired with updated sportswear pieces, SWIM takes on the energy and sophistication of a day in the city or a trip to Montauk.


    – Carbon Black, Water Repellant Nylon, Commuter Peacoat With Seam Sealing
    – Neon White, Stretch Nylon, Deco Print Board Short

    02. JOHN TODD
    – Neon White, Stretch Nylon, Nautical Stripe Board Short

    03. CHAD WHITE
    – Garnet Red, Cotton/Nylon, Signature Ocean Trunk

    – Neon White, Mercerized Cotton, Breton Sweater
    – Neon White, Stretch Nylon Riptide, Print Board Short

    – Optic, Cotton/Nylon, Cage Yarn Cardigan
    – Neon White, Cotton/Nylon, Signature Ocean Trunk

    – Jet Navy, Stretch Nylon, Deco Print Board Short
    – Steel Grey, 4 Way Stretch Nylon, Denim Print Lifeguard Short

    – Neon White, Nylon Performance, Fisherman Jacket With Riptide Print Liner
    – Carbon Black, Cotton/Nylon, Signature Ocean Trunk

    – Electric Blue, Water Repellant Nylon, Commuter Peacoat With Seam Sealing
    – Neon White, Stretch Nylon, Gotham Print Board Short

    – Jet Navy, Cotton/Nylon, Harbor Print Ocean Trunk

    11. ORAINE
    – Neon White, Cotton/Nylon, Chrysler Print Ocean Trunk

    – Jet Navy, Mercerized Cotton, Breton Sweater
    – Steel Grey, Stretch Melange, Board Short
    – Neon White, Nylon, Twelve Meter (Navigator) Jacket with Storm Protection
    – Carbon Black, Stretch Nylon, Deco Stripe Print Board Short

    14. SEAN HARJU
    – Electric Blue, Cotton/Nylon, Signature Ocean Trunk

    15. TOM BARKER
    – Jet Navy, Stretch Nylon, Nautical Stripe Board Short

    – Jet Navy, Nylon, Twelve Meter Jacket (Navigator) In Digital Print
    – Jet Navy, Stretch Nylon, Deco Pieced Board Short

    – Taxi Cab Yellow, Nylon, Performance Fisherman Jacket
    – Carbon Black, Nylon, Mondrian Print Board Short

    18. VLAD
    – Sail Cream, Cotton/Nylon, Piped Utility Board Short
    – Sail Cream, Cotton, Printed Mariner Utility Board Short

    – Sail Cream, Cotton/Linen + Nylon, Cruise Hooded Jacket
    – Sail Cream, Cotton/Nylon, Harbor Print Ocean Trunk

    – Optic, Marled Cotton, V Neck Sweater
    – Jet Navy, Cotton/Nylon, Piped Utility Board Short

    – Sail Cream, Cotton/Nylon, Mosaic Stripe Ocean Trunk

    – Jet Navy, Cotton/Nylon, Subway Tile Printed Ocean Trunk

    – Jet Navy, Cotton Ottoman Stitch Cardigan
    – Sail White, Cotton Printed, Mariner Board Short



  • Art Nouveau Issue: July 2015

    Art has always been layered throughout the scope of fashion. Each vision is an art piece that can transcend into a sense of style. Art takes away the mediocrity of trends and moves the spirit of those who appreciate creative talent. It is always important that art evokes emotion in its viewer and no one knows this better than fashion designers.

    Creating unique is a process that takes talent and initiative to be bold. This issue is dedicated to such an artsy frame of mind. Art has shaped my entire life and has always been the most important element in my desire to launch Linger Magazine. Having always thought outside the box, I was determined for each cover of Linger to be viewed as a masterpiece. Almost all of the partnerships that I have obtained was always credited to our unique view of fashion.

    Supporting the art community is very important to me and I feel that there could never be a fashion sense without an artistic eye. The interpretation of a vision of an artist is as equally magical as the creative edge of a designer. This issue is dedicated to those who are always seeking the platform to share their God-given talent to the world. I salute you.

    Peace & Blessings,

    Tiffany Tate
    Editor-in-chief of Linger Magazine

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  • Beauty Bar Series

    Carmelo Guastella


    Could a good haircut be the perfect ‘accessory’?

    Our DNA is responsible for everything about us and it makes us who we are. According to Carmelo Guastella, grooming is no exception and a good haircut is the DNA of good grooming. Once a man has a good haircut, he has a blueprint of a personalized look which will suit him exactly, according to his hair type, profession, age, face and head shape.

    Scientific studies have proven that we communicate not only verbally, but also non-verbally, through our body language and our image.

    Like you splash out on expensive suits, watches and cars a haircut is no less important, good fitted suit makes you feel stylish and comfortable. Spending more on a good haircut seems to be a problem for guys – this could be a habit of always opting for the same haircut, short back and sides as usual. The truth is that not everybody’s head shape, face features and hair type are the same so a more stylish approach to spending more money on a good haircut can make all the difference.

    The Barber/Men’s hairstylist role is to determine their client’s style, keeping in mind fashion trends and what will suit them obviously, but also the image the client wants to communicate to the world.

    At the core of men’s grooming is how well you care for your hair and a good haircut is absolutely essential.

    The following points reveal the secrets of a good haircut:

    1) A good haircut can give you confidence, whether you have an interview, an important meeting or are just socialising.

    2) A good haircut will look presentable for longer and fall into shape more easily.

    3) A good haircut and the right styling product can give the illusion of a thicker head of hair for men with fine or thinning hair.

    4) A good haircut can reduce the weight of the hair, giving softness to the ends while adding texture.

    5) A good haircut can disguise large ears by leaving hair slightly longer on the sides.

    6) Bad haircuts are noticeable- there is no balance. Side and top of the head don’t seem to be connected and a line or step is visible

    7) Just like a cheap suit, a cheap haircut is a false economy.

    8) Extra care in finishing touches are essential for a good haircut.


    Carmelo is an established and respected hairstylist and authority of men’s luxury grooming. Over the past 30 years, he has collaborated with major companies and brands in the men’s luxury grooming industry including The Refinery, Unilever, Phillips, Gillette and Dolce & Gabbana as well as major PR and advertising agencies. His many accolades include the GQ’s “Barber of Choice”, and he was appointed International Ambassador for Dove Men + Care Expert Shave Range. Both high profile individuals and multi-national corporations consult Carmelo not just for his professional consultancy services, but also for his expertise in interpreting trends in men’s hair, grooming and beauty-related projects. www.carmeloguastella.com