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Hello Summer!

New bikini? Check! Stylish sunglasses? Check! Glowing skin and beach-ready hair? Well, not really.

Whether you’re about to head on a beach vacation or just hanging around the park or a pool nearby, check out these summer beauty essentials to make the most of this summer season.


Now that the weather is heating up, we pull out those skirts and dresses we’ve been waiting all winter to wear. What if your skin is not quite ready for the summer season?  There are a few steps for a better beauty regimen to prep your skin for summer in no time. As everyone longs for extra smooth skin, start prepping your skin by using a body scrub to remove dead skin cells and to get rid of any ingrown hairs on legs and the bikini area. Now your skin is ready for some hair removal. It’s up to you whether you prefer a classic shave or if you’d rather go for long-lasting waxing or sugaring. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin afterwards, especially when it tends to be irritated and dry after the hair removal.

Totally natural with its luscious scent, coconut oil acts as a great skin (and hair!) moisturizer. Just massage into the skin while still damp and enjoy the Caribbean smell all around you. A tinted moisturizer – with SPF – will give you full coverage without feeling heavy like a foundation. Before hitting the beach, don’t forget to apply a large amount of sunscreen – your skin and hair will definitely appreciate it. If your skin begins to feel tight or appears red after spending the day outside, soothe it with a rich body cream that contains ingredients such as argan oil, vitamins E and A, and menthol derivate (which has a cooling effect and is great at preventing skin damage. Adding a lip balm with SPF will complete your sun care regimen.


You don’t have to hit the beach to get sexy beach waves! Just spritz a sea salt spray onto damp hair and scrunch a bit. Applying a smoothing hair serum tames frizzy hair while protecting it from the burning sun. When temperatures rise, wearing braids or a top knot is the easiest and best way to keep hair out of the face while looking gorgeous all day long. When heading to the beach bar in the evening, just open the braid(s) to get some loose mermaid waves. After spending the day at the pool or beach, repair your mane with a nourishing and hydrating hair mask. You can also leave it on overnight for maximum benefits.


Summer is officially sandal and flip-flop season so don’t be afraid to show off your toes! Make sure to keep your fee and hands looking flawless with regular manicures and pedicures. You don’t have to go to a salon – many brands offer complete manicure-pedicure kits that will do the job pretty well.

Stand out at the next pool party by wearing a striking eyeliner. Make sure the eyeliner is waterproof so you won’t have to worry about getting splashed If you’re going for a more natural look, a neutral eye shadow palette that comes with the perfect mix of barely-visible shadows will look beautiful with your summer glow.

A Guide to Makeup Brushes

We provide you with a simple guide about which brushes to use and how to use them for which products.

The Lineup:

  1. Foundation Brush
  2. Beauty Blender
  3. Concealer Brush
  4. Stippling Brush
  5. Angled Blush Brush
  6. Powder Brush
  7. Contour Brush
  8. Highlight Fan Brush
  9. Blending Brush
  10. Eye Liner Brush
  11. Eyeshadow Brush
  12. Bronzer Brush
  13. Lip Brush 

Foundation Brush:

One of the most important brushes of them all. With so many different foundation types, using a good quality brush makes all the difference in the world in terms of foundation application. You don’t want your base to look cakey or piled on, so be sure to buff the product into the skin gently to get a streak-free application and more natural look.











Beauty Blender:

This is the newest tool used in foundation application. Be sure to use the sponge’s broad sides to smooth out the product on your face. Use the tip to reach creases around the nose and to pinpoint small areas that make get overlooked. It’s also great for blending out harsh makeup lines and removing excess product on the cheeks, forehead and chin.











Concealer Brush:

As its name suggests, the concealer brush is perfect for spot correction. While using a concealer brush, never blend it out- pat the product onto the skin to conceal the area for the best result.











Stippling Brush:

The stippling brush is a complimentary tool to the foundation brush that gives you an illuminate airbrushed look. If you carefully observe the brush, you would see that the ends of the brush are very light and feathery when compared to the base. The light fibers of the brush help you in achieving a flawless, airbrushed finish.











Angled Blush Brush:

An angled blush brush enables the precise application of your favorite blush. The angled shape of the brush allows it to pick up the product and dust it onto the cheeks ever so softly so that it looks natural.












Powder Brush:

The primary use of this brush is to dust your face with loose or compact powder. A good brush will set or touch up your makeup without removing any makeup previously applied. You can also use the powder brush to  sweep blush from the apples of your cheeks along your cheekbones.











Contour Brush:

Contouring is part of the makeup application that cannot be done without a brush. A contour brush has firmer bristles than a blush brush, and a more angled tip. It is specially designed to help you target the areas that you want to contour and shape.











Highlight Fan Brush:

The bristles in a fan brush are specifically designed for highlighters. The bristles are spread out so that the brush picks up a small amount of the product, as a little highlight goes a long way. Slightly dust the top of the cheekbones and other areas of the face that needs to be highlighted. Go in with a light hand to avoid using too much product.  You can also use this to clean up fallen product.











Blending Brush:

A good blending brush will help you to soften out any harsh lines after the application of the eye shadow. The rule of 3 for a crease-free eyelid applies here: blend blend blend!











Eye Liner Brush:

Winged Eyeliner. It can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. It all depends on the brush. The eyeliner brush is designed to pick up and deposit the required amount of product while giving you maximum control that you probably would not find elsewhere- precision and perfection.











Eyeshadow Brush:

Use an eye shadow brush to evenly apply powder and cream shadows. A good eyeshadow brush will pick up a decent amount of the product and will allow you to pack it onto the eyelid with minimal fallout. You can also use it to dab on shadow under the lower lash line for a smokier eye.











Bronzer Brush:

A bronzer brush is rounded and distributes the product evenly. A big fluffy brush for bronzing helps you achieve that natural, sun-kissed look. You can also buff out harsh lines by swirling the brush around your face. You can even get retractable ones which let you retract and cover the brush so that it can be kept in any bag.

Lip Brush:

A must-have if you’re after that tutorial-perfect lined lip. To ensure precision application and a perfect touch-up tool, make sure you invest in a lip brush. You won’t regret it.

Models Workshop

Fashion Models & Creatives: Know Your Rights

The Model Alliance is a proud partner of the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs #FacesOfFreelancers campaign. Check out what some of our members had to say about why the new law is important to them.

With the recent passage of the Freelance Isn’t Free Act, we want to help you understand your rights and the resources available to you.

NYC models: have questions about your rights at work? Join us and the Mayor’s Office of Labor Policy & Standards #OLPS to learn about fair contracts, timely payment, and the resources available to you.

The Model Alliance is proud to host their next workshop, Workers’ Rights in NYC’s Fashion Industry, presented by the Office of Labor Policy and Standards, a dedicated City resource for workplace questions and complaints on Thursday, June 8th from 7-9PM.

Given the multi-level structure of hiring in the fashion industry, many models, hairdressers, make-up artists, stylists and photographers share similar experiences with respect to financial transparency and accountability, fair contracts, and control over their work. This workshop is open to professional models and creatives working in NYC’s fashion industry. Space is limited and RSVP is required.

If you have specific questions you would like to have addressed, please note them in your email when you RSVP at


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