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Emilie Despaeaux – OCT ISSUE

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Emilie Despeaux started the trois petits points brand in 2007 as a nod to the embroidery she studied at ESAA Duperre, a fashion design school in Paris. Her jewelry is sober, elegant and made of materials chosen with care: 18 kt gold, silver or vermeil with diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire or freshwater pearls; brass is gold-colored and could be enameled in trendy colors or contain semi-precious stones. Emilie creates her jewelry in her studio in Paris.


LANDS END Unveils New Jeans Collection – OCT ISSUE

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Millions of women will share one simple goal this season: finding a pair of jeans to fit and flatter. In fact, according to a recent survey of more than 500 women conducted
by Lands’ End, more than half (60 percent) stated they would rather find a perfect fitting, flattering pair of jeans than have their hair done by a celebrity hair stylist or have a personal chef (54 percent).
It’s not surprising women would forgo the celebrity stylist and chef to look fantastic in this essential wardrobe staple as the survey found 69 percent of respondents wear jeans anywhere from three to seven days a week. Lands’ End understands how essential jeans are to a woman’s wardrobe, past two years perfecting the design, style and engineering for an even better fit for the company’s newly re-launched Jeans Collection featuring enhanced fits and shapes with refined styling at an exceptional value. The line includes men’s, women’s and kids’ styles.

“We want women to have the most positive, successful jeans shopping experience,” said Deborah Moore, senior vice president of women’s design. “To achieve this, our design and product development team worked meticulously with denim experts to develop a jeans collection with outstanding fit, design and details. We are confident women will look and feel incredible in any of the jeans from the new collection that are available in exciting new styles, washes, colors and modern prints.”

Wild About Washes and Prints

While Lands’ End has beautiful classic jeans, the company is also staying on top of the must-have styles this season with an array of washes ranging from a dark rinse to a more casual washed indigo. In fact, 88 percent of survey respondents stated that the wash or color was an essential feature in jeans they would consider purchasing. Speaking of color, Lands’ End added Smoke, Muted Moss and even a soft Chalk to the collection. It doesn’t stop with color – prints are on trend this season, and Lands’ End has just the right mix in an Indigo  medallion print and Denim Dot print women are just going to love




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If eyes are the windows to the soul, then lashes are the curtains that unveil your soul. With all that being said, it’s no wonder
more and more women are looking for ways to lengthen, curl, and thicken their eyelashes.
Eyes are such a focal point of the face, so having wide-open looking eyes with strong lashes gives confidence to women so they can literally go out and face the world.

1. Go back to basics. If you think your lashes are a little lack luster, first review your current
lash ritual. Practicing the correct application
of mascara correctly can help you feel more comfortable with your lashes. You should
never keep an open tube of mascara for more than 6 months or else what you’ll get out of the tube is dry, flaky black substance.

2. Line your inner top lash line with black eyeliner. Lift your eyelid hold your pencil under your lash line and fill in that top waterline.
Instantly, you’ll find that your lashes look fuller.

3. Use an eyelash curler. Eyelash curlers give that instant bend and lift to give eyes the much-desired wide-eye look.

4. Apply mascara with either a primer or fibers first. There are many mascara primers on the market. Choose a clear one that helps thicken up lashes before applying mascara. Fibers are your friend! Find mascara that offers
dual sides, one for the mascara and one for fiber. These white liquid fibers will grab onto lashes, so when you apply the mascara on top your lashes look extended as if you’re wearing false lashes.

5. How you apply mascara matters. Always start at the base of the lash and zigzag your way up. This way you won’t miss a nook or cranny and cover all edges of your lashes. Layer brown then black mascara for a pop effect.

6. Try a lash serum. Lash serums, often times sold as lash & brow serums, promote to help your lash hairs grow quickly into full lashes. Apply daily before bed on clean eyes right along the lash line and watch your lashes flutter.
7. Use false lashes to amplify your lashes. You can find fake lashes sold everywhere from drug stores to department stores and online. Available in synthetic, real hair, and even mink to achieve the Kardashian lashes look. False lashes can be reused with proper care.



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